mercredi 10 juin 2009

Soirée: «JavaFX - Build your own Java-based Rich Internet Applications»

Le Lorraine JUG (Java User Group de Lorraine) et le YaJUG (Java User Group de Luxembourg) vous invitent à leur soirée «JavaFX - Build your own Java-based Rich Internet Applications»:

Lundi 6 juillet 2009, 18h15

Péniche - Théâtre de la Lucarne

Plan d'eau, F-57000 Metz (plan d'accès)

Parking gratuit à la patinoire de Metz, 2 minutes à pieds de la péniche

Au programme de la soirée :

18:15 Accueil et enregistrement

18:30 JavaFX Discovery Tour (Simon Ritters, Sun Microsystems)

The demand continues to grow for rich interactive content, applications, and services that run on a variety of clients. Rich Applications have achieved a new degree of sophistication with requirements to add multimedia and animation. With the JavaFX SDK and the latest updates of Java SE 6 it is possible to incorporate innovative elements of rich client applications into existing Java software with minimum effort, enabling consistent user experiences on the desktop, mobile devices, TV, and other consumer platforms.

This talk provides a glimpse into cross-screen applications development using JavaFX libraries such as vector graphics and animation and media applications with native audio and video. Additionally, this session will illuminate the JavaFX SDK delivering support for simplified application development. We'll also cover the latest announcements about support for JavaFX Mobile from the likes of LG and Sony-Ericsson.

The session will also include some demonstrations that show that JavaFX truly is for "all the screens of your life".

19:45 How to build a client server application with JavaFX, RESTful web services and JSON (Sébastien Stormacq, Sun Microsystems)

Rich Internet Applications - RIA - do require a strong service access and data access layer located on the back-end, just as traditional or web based applications. It is therefore essential to combine desktop technologies and server technologies in order to provide fast, efficient and secure access to your data.

This talk will show how to combine desktop technologies, such as JavaFX™ technologies, and back-end technologies, like web services and REST based services to build state of the art desktop applications.

We will go through a very simple example of REST data retrieval and a Java FX graphical representation of these data.

We will use the following technologies:

  • RESTful web service and JSR 310 (Jersey) API on the server side
  • JavaFX on the client side

The JavaFX application will asynchronously poll RESTful web services to collect data that will be used to dynamicaly update the client rich UI.

20:30 Drink

L'inscription est gratuite et le nombre de places est limité alors n’attendez pas !

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