mardi 18 octobre 2011

Integrating Job Management and Machine Management in Google Data Centers

Conférence par Joseph HELLERSTEIN, Manager, Performance Analytics, Google, Inc., Seattle, USA 

Lundi 24 octobre 2011 - 14h00 
ESIAL - 193 avenue Paul Muller - Villers-lès-Nancy (54)

Résumé :
In cloud based services, many jobs run for months. This is a time frame that is on the order of machine lifetimes. As a result, scheduling the administration of machines (e.g., repairs, adding new machines, draining machines) must be integrated with scheduling jobs. At Google, we approach this problem by using an abstraction called resource shapes to describe both machines and jobs. I will discuss the shapes abstraction, and I will also describe some optimization problems that we solve using shapes.
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